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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Are you freaking out? Yes!

Our last foster care class was Thursday night. It's been fun, but it'll also be nice to have back 3 hours every week. :)

Last week, we were on our way home from class, and our conversation went like this:
Jen: "So, are you totally freaking out about this?"
Logan: "Yes!"
Jen: "Ok, good. Me too."

This week, our class had a panel of speakers, who took turns telling us about different aspects of the foster care process (foster care, CASA, attorneys, adoption, etc.). One lady was talking about how the goal of foster care is reunification of the child with their biological family, and how sometimes it's hard for the foster families to see the child go back home. She even said how one foster mom said, "I had a miscarriage at 6 months, and that's what this feels like!" (Uh, yeah...I don't know what to say about that comment.) Another speaker was a foster mom who told us about her experiences. She's been fostering for 4 years and recently adopted a little boy, so she had some interesting things to say - that these kids are not grateful for what you do, since they just want to go home to their family, no matter how bad of a situation it is. She also said she's been intentionally peed on, and 2 foster children she had spit all over her house. The lady did have some good things to say, but she definitely emphasized that fostering was hard. So, when she finished, I turn to Logan...
Jen: "Are you even more freaked out?"
Logan: (looks at me like I'm crazy) "Uh, ten times."
Really, we're like thoroughly freaked out. You never know what situation you're going to come across, and you can't exactly quit and throw the kid out. As freaked out as we are, though, Logan and I are still going to go ahead with the process (we're waiting on a home development worker to contact us). We just have to keep reminding ourselves that these kids need all the love and support they can get. Hopefully we can give that to them.


  1. I'm soooo excited about this! Ya'll are too cute, and are going to be great parents someday :)


  2. Ya'll's courage, love, and open hearts inspire me a ton.

    Love you two and Marley. :)

  3. Ya'll's courage, love, and open hearts inspire me a ton.

    Love you two and Marley. :)


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