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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

House Pictures - the Dining Room

Now that our flooded floor is finally replaced (YAYYYYYYY), we've been able to focus on our never-ending list of things to do in other rooms of the house. We've actually been having our kitchen painted for a few months now, but we recently got rods and valances to put above the windows. I like 'em!
First thing we did was take up that floor and put down laminate

We painted the trim white (it was brown before)

And we painted the walls

We've gotten some new furniture for the living room to replace some damaged things, so as soon as everything is set up we'll post some pictures. I have to say, it looks better than before! God has a funny way of working things out sometimes... :)

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  1. Yayy!!! It looks so good :) Now i can lose in apple scrabble in color!!!


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