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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our Weekend

Logan and I had a pretty fun weekend, and since we kind of went camera-happy, here are the highlights!
Thursday night, we went to a fundraiser dinner. We got to catch up with quite a few friends. Super fun. What made it even better was that I took off work the next day, so I totally didn't mind staying out past my bedtime. :)
Friday, we visited my brother and sister-in-law. Max and Marley are best buds, as you can see (they're playing tug-o-war with a stuffed snake). Although half the night Max chased Marley around, saying, "Give me my snake back!" Funny stuff.
Saturday, Logan and I babysat for Max. I think the funniest moment of the night was when Max was digging through my purse and got a hold of my phone, saying, "Look! I have a phone!" So, Logan decides to call my phone, to see what Max what do. My ringtone was some slow song, and when it started ringing, Max exclaimed, "It's singing! Let's dance." The little cutie then jumped off the loveseat and proceeded to do some cheesy dance move. He is seriously the cutest almost-3-year-old ever.
Today, we spent a few hours at the Strawberry Festival. I have never seen so many strawberries before in my entire life. We also saw some people who were in our foster care classes. They said their home development worker has been a bit slow with their certification process, so they're still doing home visits and whatnot. I'm so glad we're done with ours.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention how my girls' soccer team had 2 games yesterday. Or maybe I kind of forgot on purpose because we lost both of them. And I made enemies with the referee. Eh. Not one of my finer moments.

Since it kind of feels like we're playing a waiting game with the things I usually write about (and since we're taking a break from our house projects), you'll have to endure through some randomness for now. We'll try to keep things interesting. :)

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