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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sleep? What's that?

Since the baby is keeping us busy and sleep-deprived, I've decided to hold off on taking Clomid right now. It's just really bad timing, since I'm still working -  Logan and I have already had to take time off work to bring the baby to different appointments and whatnot. So, hopefully I can manage it during the summer when I'm off work.

We've had a lot of people give us baby things, like toys and clothes, for which we are very grateful. The baby's case worker did bring a lot of necessities when she dropped him off, and the state does give us a monthly allotment, but we've already had to buy a lot of things. So to those of you who have been oh so very generous, we thank you. :)

All things considering, our first week with a baby has gone rather well. We've had to adjust rather quickly, and our poor Marley is still adjusting to not being the center of attention anymore (who knew puppies could get so jealous??), but I know that overall, things could have gone much worse. Now if only the baby would sleep throughout the night, life would be wonderful...

I don't want to have to refer to the baby as "the baby", but since we can't post his name or pictures online, we'll have to think of a nickname. Suggestions are more than welcome. :)


  1. I know you can't post pictures, but are you allowed to share with family and friends, via e-mail, perhaps?  I'd love to see a photo of your little guy! :) 


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