"When a soul recognises the will of God and shows a readiness to submit to it entirely, then God gives Himself to such a soul and renders it most powerful succour under all circumstances." - Rev. Jean-Pierre de Caussade

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Contentment revisited

I've written about this before. A year ago, actually. And I'm thinking that I must be one stubborn gal since it seems like God has to teach me the same things over and over.

When I wrote this post about watching other people have children, it got me thinking about contentment and how I should really take advantage of this time with Logan while I don't have any other commitments (work, coaching, etc.).

[On a side note, I realized I only have 2 weeks left of freedom. And next week I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed so I'm not sure I can really say 2 full weeks. SO. SAD.]

Anyways. Contentment is something I struggle with on and off, and although it feels like I'm never content, I know it happens because I write about it. At least this blog is good for something.

Whenever I think about how unfair it seems to wait so long to have children, God always puts me in my place. Yes, I've been married for 2 years, and we still don't have a baby (except our one in heaven, of course). But I have friends who aren't even married yet, and I know for a fact they are beyond ready. Some have already found "the one", but some haven't even gotten to that point. And here I am complaining about not having any children yet. (I am in no way saying it's not hard...just that things could always be worse, I suppose.)

Logan and I are extremely blessed to have "found" each other early on in life, and I don't take that for granted. So instead of complaining about being one of the few married couples I know without kids, I'm having to remind myself that at least I'm married. And like a dear friend told me, "You have Logan, who has promised you the rest of his life." Thank God for good friends...and for my husband. :)
Ephesians 5:31 - "For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh."
**Edit: I do realize that not everyone is called to marriage, so when I say "at least I'm married", I'm remembering the days when I longed to fulfill whatever vocation God was calling me to - religious life, marriage, single life, etc. So I'm thankful that those questions are answered. However, I also realize that we all have many "vocations" in life, and obviously one that Logan and I also have are being foster parents. The whole point of this post is to find contentment in whatever stage we are at in life. 

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