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Saturday, July 2, 2011

House Pictures - Guest Bedroom update

I said a few months ago that it was a work in progress, and we've finally put the finishing touches. I'm realizing with every room that anything on a window (valance, curtain) makes a huge difference. Too bad I can't sew...otherwise we would save a ton of money. Oh well.
 Our before picture....
 ...and after!
 We don't have bare walls anymore! Here's the LSU wall...
And we couldn't call ourselves New Orleanians without a tribute to the Saints!

Our bedroom is next on the list whenever I can convince Logan to help me paint. :)


  1. sewing isn't hard at all....you should give it a try.  Especially curtains like that!  Derrr

  2. oh, i've tried. epic fail (just ask logan). maybe you should teach me!

  3. maybe you should come up and visit and I will!


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