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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm not his mommy

This blog is going to turn into a series of vent sessions. I can just see it now. But not today (I'll resist the urge!).

I have to add to the whole repetition thing and say that I've watched Toy Story 3 at least 12 times and read Clifford's Good Deeds every day since Peanut has been here. Be jealous.

Today we had a play-date with Max and his friends - most of them are around the same age as Peanut. It went really well! *Huge sigh of relief* But now a new issue has popped up...

So far, we've been referring to ourselves as "Mr. Logan and Mrs. Jen". And he's actually been calling us that. But then today he hears all of the other kids referring to their moms as "Mommy." So a few times he's been calling me Mommy. It just breaks my heart, but since he does have a mom, I have to remind him that "I'm Mrs. Jen." But one time he just smiled and kept calling me mommy. I don't even know what to think.

Since Max calls me "Nanny," Peanut has also called me that a few times. The poor little guy must be so confused. But since there's no telling when he's going to go back to whoever he'll go back to, I'll just keep reminding him...I'm not his mommy.

Sigh. Any suggestions/prayers are greatly appreciated.


  1. I would suggest maybe figuring out a name that your foster kids could call yall. One that is not so relational as "mom" or "dad", but not so distant as "Mr. Logan" and "Ms. Jen".

  2. yeah, we've been tossing around names but haven't been able to decide on any. and we actually had names when we had Bamm Bamm, but they seem too babyish with an older child.

    i guess now we should really figure something out...thanks for the suggestion :)

  3. Well, researching it made it clear as mud! Basically the foster forums said to let the child decide. Others preferred first names (without mr. Or mrs.), some said Auntie...., others said momma....., some said Nana or nanny, a bunch said momma because it was natural for the kids. That should clear that right up....

  4. haha, yeah totally clear! i do remember them saying in the certification classes to let the kids decide, but i'm not so sure it's an easy thing for a toddler...


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