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Monday, July 25, 2011

Repetition, repetition, repetition

Did I say repetition? Yeah. The last few days have tested our patience. It's a good thing this kid is cute.

When's Nana coming? Nana's gonna be coming. Nana's not coming? Nana's coming after while.
Where's my pacifier? I want my pacifier. I'm gonna get my pacifier.

I'm not even kidding when I say this kid repeats things OVER AND OVER until I want to pull my hair out. It makes me want to yell, "NO, SHE'S NOT COMING, AND NO, YOU'RE TOO DARN OLD FOR A PACIFIER."

But I don't. Because I'm a professional foster parent. (I really hope my lame jokes aren't getting old. And the joke is being a professional. I really don't yell. Promise.)

Keeping with my "there's always an upside" mindset, I have to say that Peanut is getting better with the pacifier. He still asks for it, and we're still sticking to letting him have it only for naps and at bedtime...but the second he wakes up he hands it to us. Pretty. darn. cool. Now if only I could get him to go to sleep with the lights off (yeah, that's an entirely different issue). And I feel like he's never going to stop asking for Nana. Sigh.

We've finally experienced Peanut's behavior issues. He's still fine with Logan and me, but it turns out that Peanut does not always know how to play nicely with another toddler. He and Max have become buddies, and although they really like each other, there have been a few incidents. But we're hoping that plenty of reminders and talks about proper behavior will sink in. The 2nd play session went better than the 1st, so there's hope...

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