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Sunday, July 24, 2011

There's always an upside

I feel like I can write a book about everything that's happened and it's only been 2 days. Forgive me if I get carried away...

Peanut is one busy boy. For real. I know that all comes with the territory of having a toddler, but most little boys can stay occupied for at least 5 minutes. Not this one. He won't even sit and watch a few minutes of a movie, despite our unusual selection of child-friendly movies (considering we don't have kids and all). Apparently his favorite character is Woody, but of course we don't have any of the Toy Story movies. Logan just decided to see if Netflix Instant had any (after all our other movies being epic fails), and lo and behold...Toy Story 3 came up. We did a happy dance. And Peanut hasn't sat still this long except for church. God loves us.

Speaking of church, this morning was our first experience going to mass with a toddler. I know this is going to be hard to believe, but...Peanut was SO WELL-BEHAVED. Seriously. At the end of mass, he started asking, "Can I have gum now?" Ah. So apparently he's been bribed before. I'm not going to complain, though, if it means we can go to mass every week and actually be able to pay attention. We gave him another "treat" instead of gum, though (Who gives gum to a toddler? Or am I just crazy?). Yesterday, he walked up to a picture of Jesus and Mary in our house, and said, "That's Jesus." Amen. I almost don't know what to think about that...

There's been a few things that have been a bit difficult, like Peanut being attached to a pacifier - which wouldn't be a big deal...but he's almost 3. He asks for it constantly, and despite the urge to want to throw it away, we're giving it to him when he naps and sleeps (getting rid of all his comfort measures at this point would be just cruel, in my opinion). We've had to teach him how to ask for something instead of demanding it, and now he's actually started saying "please" and "thank you" without us prompting him. Oh, and he has begged us for Coke a few times. Um, no sir. He's also been repeating over and over and over, "Is Nana coming? When's Nana coming? Nana's coming after while." That's been the hardest thing. We've tried telling him that she's not coming, and distracting him, and ignoring him, but he keeps saying it over and over...until he forgets about it. Then he remembers again. And quite honestly, I don't know who the heck "Nana" is. A few times he's even cried while asking for her. Sigh.

We still haven't had any major behavior issues, other than having to repeat ourselves a million times before he actually listens. And there's the occasional pulling of Marley's tail. My poor baby. I won't be surprised if the behaviors we were cautioned about start to pop up, because Peanut probably just thinks he's staying here for a short while. When he finally realizes he's here for the long haul, well...I don't know. I'm starting to think it's sinking in...

I am realizing that there are quite a few positives about this little boy. He's cute and can be really sweet. He also sleeps really well and he eats pretty much whatever we give him. Heck yeah. Oh, and my favorite - he's potty-trained. SWEET.

No matter how difficult a situation may seem, there's always an upside. I'm trying to focus on the good things instead of the bad...otherwise we might just lose our minds.

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