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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

House Pictures - Master Bedroom

It's only called the master bedroom because it's for Logan and myself. Unfortunately, there's no master bathroom attached to it. :( But the room itself sure is huge!

Until this summer, we had a very boring room - white walls with no pictures hung and not much furniture. So, all we did was paint, rearrange some things, add an entertainment center (given to us for free!), get some curtains, and change up our bedding and lamps. Good enough for me. :)  (That was pretty much all we had time for anyways - we finished it a few hours before Peanut arrived!)

Before we moved in
I don't really have any good before pictures because they all look like a tornado hit our room. Seriously. So this is the only one you get...and I just love how Marley makes her way into most of the pictures I take these days. Good thing she's cute.
Our room now! I was determined to buy a bold color for our next comforter. And I'm glad I did.
We only painted the walls beige so you might not notice. But it looks good in person :)
The only other rooms we have left in our house to work on is the kitchen and the upstairs bathroom. But since both of those require a lot of time and money, it might be awhile until we get to them. (Um, our kitchen counters are reddish orange - and I only say that because some people say orange and some say red. Take your pick. You think that's bad? Our toilet and shower are blue. Awesome.)

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