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Sunday, August 7, 2011

"We're heeere!"

Peanut is a trip. I guess he's gotten used to us by now, because he can be one goofy kid. And he is starting to be extremely friendly with everyone.

Yesterday, for example. We're walking into a very small church for the vigil mass, and the priest is talking to a few people in the last pews before mass starts. Peanut runs up to him, saying, "We're heeere!" and gives Father a big hug. It was super cute. Since it was a small church, though, Peanut's voice echoed. Loudly. And then he sees a man holding the tall crucifix. Peanut runs up to him, asking, "Is that a toy??" Once again, it echoed. Everyone, particularly those in the back of church, was quite entertained. Peanut was relatively quiet for the actual mass, thankfully. :)

Logan bought a slip'n'slide and a sprinkler thingy to occupy the little guy, and our neighbor came over to chat. We needed a second hose, so Peanut follows our neighbor back to his house to get one like he'd been knowing him his entire life - and not just 5 minutes.

We all walked to a snowball stand yesterday - Logan, Peanut, Marley, and myself - and Peanut was just a bit excited. A lady walked by us and he tells her, "I'm going get a snowball!" On the way back, there was a guy sitting on his porch, and Peanut yells at him, "I have a snowball!" He continues to carry on a conversation with the random stranger as we walk by, until we pass the house. Peanut makes sure to yell "Byeee!" before we turn onto our street.

Behavior issues? Okay. This kid hugs everyone he meets. He does have his moments where he doesn't listen, though (oh, does he!). And he has this annoyingly bad habit of biting his wrist when we put him in time-out (yeah, we're working on that one). But I'm convinced that most of behavior issues are because of the environment a kid is in or has been exposed to in his life. At least that's how I feel about Peanut.

Last night, we had another 3-year old over for a few hours, and the two boys got along great. And Peanut started daycare this week since I went back to work, and although I was extremely nervous (you know, about those possible behavior issues), he did really well. One of the daycare workers even told me, "He's a great kid!"

Yes indeed.

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