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Sunday, September 4, 2011

I am DONE with poop

You know, I really wasn't envisioning having to pick up puke and poop throughout the holiday weekend. Yes. It's been a relaxing few days. NOT.

Peanut was complaining of his stomach hurting Friday evening, but after going to the potty a few times, I thought he was just constipated. We put him to bed, and a couple hours later, Peanut started crying. A lot. We found him in bed with puke EVERYWHERE. He threw up again yesterday morning, poor thing, but I think he's okay today. Hopefully.

Last night during the LSU game, Peanut was playing in his room. Logan went to check on him, and found baby powder all over. Our extra diapers and baby supplies are stored in one of Peanut's closets, and he discovered them. Obviously. We picked up the baby powder, thinking it was good enough, but about an hour ago we went upstairs and found baby lotion all over the walls and Desitin on Peanut's bedsheets. Needless to say, our baby supplies are now where Peanut can't get to them.

You think I'm done with the craziness? Nope.

Thanks to Tropical Storm Lee and the constant rain, we're having to let Marley outside with a big umbrella. It appears that she doesn't like to poop in the rain (who can blame her?), because we've found poop in the house twice. Or maybe Peanut's shenanigans are just scaring the crap right out of her.

And if that isn't enough (are you ready for the finale?), this morning Peanut actually played quietly in his room instead of waking us up at 6am. I woke up at 8, surprised that Peanut hadn't bothered us yet, and Logan commented, "Maybe it's a miracle day." Because Marley also had not gone bonkers in her kennel yet, which usually happens at 6am. Well. I brought Peanut to use the potty, and I noticed his underwear was on backwards - that usually happens when he uses the bathroom by himself, which is only when he wakes up before us. I asked him if he already used the potty, and he looked me straight in the eye and said, "Yeah. I made poo on the rug."

This is where I'm thinking to myself, there's no way this kid took a crap on the carpet. I called out to Logan to go check in his room, while I helped Peanut wash his hands. The look on Logan's face said it all. Waiting on the carpet in Peanut's room was a big ol' pile of...that's right. Poop.

This weekend has been a load of crap. Literally.


  1. Has a boy you can borrowSeptember 5, 2011 at 9:30 PM

    Well, I have a friend having " toileting issues" with her adopted children and she made them help clean it. I know your precious guy is little, but he is smart enough to understand logical consequences. Sounds like he could have helped clean all the messes he made this weekend. On the bright side, sounds like he didn't cry for you to hold him much this weekend ;)

  2. haha, good point - he was certainly too busy for me to hold him! although he was definitely asking during the whole throwing up thing.

    you know, it didn't even dawn on me to have him clean up the baby stuff. i actually did think about have him picking up the poop, but i didn't want to regret it...like, if he made an even bigger mess. i will definitely keep that in mind for next time though!


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