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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The baby dot

My first OB appointment was yesterday. Dr. H wasn't sure if we should do an ultrasound, since it's early and it wasn't a guarantee that we'd see anything. He didn't want us to do an ultrasound, see nothing, and then have me worry when everything could be completely fine. Well, we did an ultrasound anyway, hoping we'd get lucky. And we did!

I'm 6 weeks along, and the ultrasound tech said that it was probably the earliest we would have seen anything. Pretty cool, huh? I know the baby just looks like a dot but I'm still excited.

After going over what happened in my last pregnancy, Dr. H told us (my mom and Logan were there) that he's considering doing a cerclage when I'm around 12 weeks. That's basically where they stitch the cervix closed so it can't dilate prematurely. It's certainly possible that an incompetent cervix caused me to lose the baby last time, so I think he just wants to play it safe. Totally fine by me!

I see the high-risk OB, Dr. C, in 3 weeks. She's going to do another ultrasound then. I'm stopping by Dr. H's office right after to talk to him about everything. It looks like the next 8 months will be one appointment after another. But I am totally okay with that - I just hope it's worth it and we'll have a cute baby to hold next summer. My due date is June 19, by the way. :)

To change subjects, we found out that Peanut is indeed being moved on Friday. I'm starting to feel guilty about giving up on him, but I know I can't do this anymore. So it's a weird situation. And I don't think Peanut really grasps the fact that he's not going to be living with us in 3 days. I'm afraid it's going to hit him like a brick wall once he gets to his new home.

Romans 8:18 - I consider that the sufferings of this present time are as nothing compared with the glory to be revealed for us.

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