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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Week 9

It's amazing how much difference 3 weeks can make. Just look at our baby now! :)

The high-risk doctor, Dr. C, did the ultrasound. Everything looks good, including my cervix. I'm slightly annoyed at the fact that I've apparently been taking the wrong prenatal vitamin for 20 months. What really stinks is that I just got a refill last week that should last for 3 months, but Dr. C told me to throw them out - or give them away. Yeah, throw away $180 worth of vitamins. And then buy another 3 months worth of expensive vitamins. UGH. (Since Dr. H is AWESOME, he told me he'll track down a drug rep for free samples. Hollerrr.)

Dr. C has also apparently changed her mind about me taking Lovenox, which is totally fine. I am going to start taking some extra folic acid pills (that are also expensive...sigh) - a high dose for the next 3 weeks, and then a lower dose for the rest of the pregnancy. So, right now it looks like all I'll be taking is prenatals, folic acid, and baby aspirin. Not too bad. ;)

I saw Dr. H after seeing Dr. C, and he decided to pull out the doppler and see if we could hear our baby's heartbeat. I was a bit surprised, since I didn't realize you could hear it earlier than 10 weeks. Well. Just like our first ultrasound, we were pleasantly surprised - we heard a heartbeat! So, so cool.

The other issue is the cerclage. Dr. H still sounded like he wanted to do the cerclage at 12 weeks, although he did want Dr. C's opinion. He actually called me this evening after consulting with Dr. C, and it looks like they decided to hold off on the cerclage for now. I think the main reason is because a cerclage could cause problems if I don't actually need one. Things could change, of course, but for now they'll just keep monitoring my cervix.

All things considering, we're counting our blessings. Next appointment (with both doctors) is in 2 weeks.


  1. YAYYY!!!! Glad to hear things are going well :) One day at a time sista, love ya'll!

  2. Congratulations!  I love seeing the little pictures.  So cute!  Do you know what kind of prenatal your OB put you on?  

  3. thanks! i was on Neevo DHA and now i'm taking Neevo without the DHA.

  4. Jen, 

    Do you have the MTHFR polymorphism?  

  5. haven't heard of the term polymorphism, but i do have one copy of the gene mutation for MTHFR

  6. Jen,

    Polymorphism just means the mutation.  Sorry you had to throw away all those expensive pills.  Your doctor probably wanted you on the Neevo without DHA because of the blood-thinning properties of DHA which you are also getting with the baby aspirin you are taking. 

    I work with Neevo and I am so glad to hear that you are on it.  With your MTHFR, you have a limited ability to break down synthetic folic acid into its active form, L-methylfolate.  This puts you at risk for folate deficiency related pregnancy complications.  Neevo contains L-methylfolate which bypasses your MTHFR.  

    You might want to try Brand Direct Health.  They are a national home delivery pharmacy and have a guaranteed low retail price on Neevo.  

    I think it is a great sign that your doctor has you on L-methylfolate.  It means he is taking your MTHFR very seriously and that is one of the biggest hurdles women with MTHFR face.  

    I will keep you in my prayers for a happy and healthy pregnancy.  

  7. thanks for the good info! and the prayers :)


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