"When a soul recognises the will of God and shows a readiness to submit to it entirely, then God gives Himself to such a soul and renders it most powerful succour under all circumstances." - Rev. Jean-Pierre de Caussade

Monday, December 12, 2011

Irony and success

My cerclage went well! We're still at the hospital, so details will come later, but I just wanted to let everyone know things are good. Dr. H should be coming by in a little bit to talk, and hopefully we'll be heading home before it gets too late.

Let me just say that irony seems to be a frequent part of Logan's and my life together. Because we are most definitely in the same exact room we were in 2 years ago. AND we have the same nurse (who totally remembered us, by the way). WHAT ARE THE ODDS?

We can't really complain, though, because our nurse is really good, and it was actually pretty cool already knowing her and having her know our history.

Thank you again for all the prayers. We love you all!


  1. So glad to hear it! Praise the Lord!

  2. yay! Glad to hear it all went well!


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