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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Yeahhh, second trimester

We're home now, and boy, I am so thankful that it's over. I don't remember the last time I got that nervous for something.

Right before the cerclage, Dr. H checked my cervix and said there was a lot left and that it was a good thing. There weren't any problems with the procedure itself. Honestly, the worst part about the whole thing was getting the spinal anesthesia, which is similar to an epidural. First off, it hurt, and second, I didn't like not being able to feel or move my legs for a few hours. So, so weird.

I was told to expect a little bleeding and cramping the next couple of days, which is pretty nerve-wracking because those are the same symptoms for a miscarriage. But I am very relieved to report that I really haven't had to deal with that. Some women have it and others don't, so I'm one of the lucky ones. Thank you, Jesus.

This week Dr. H told me to take it easy, and I have an appointment with him on Friday to make sure everything looks good before I go back to work. I guess you can say I'm on a modified bed rest, because although I still need to stay off my feet for the most part, I can still walk around the house if I need to. Logan has banned me from doing certain things, though, like walking up the stairs. I haven't seen my bedroom in almost 2 weeks, and it doesn't look like it'll happen soon. I sure do miss my bed.

While at the hospital, I got a progesterone shot, and Dr. H said I'm a candidate to get the shots weekly once I'm 15 or 16 weeks. I didn't ask what they were for -silly me - but after doing some research, it looks like the prosterone is supposed to keep me from going into premature labor. Whatever works, I guess - it just stinks because the shots are given in your bottom, and I'm still very sore from the shot yesterday. Like, I have trouble walking. TMI, I know...sorry. But at least now you can pray for me and my sore butt, because I would love to be able to walk like a normal person again.

I think that's enough details for one day, don't you think? ;)

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  1. so so glad to hear this report! hope you feel better soon :)


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