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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our new chair (and the story behind it)

Yesterday Logan and I had one of those really cool "God moments" happen. It wasn't about anything major - heck, just about a glider rocking chair we bought - but it was still pretty cool. So here I am to tell you about it. :)

Logan's parents generously offered to pay for another piece of furniture after the crib we bought was $100 cheaper than we originally thought (yet another cool thing that happened this past week). So, we looked yesterday for either a changing table or glider rocking chair. Unfortunately, there were only 3 chairs to choose from, so we just went with the one we thought would match our living the best. We probably should have waited to find a nicer chair, and one that matched better, but it was a decent price - so Logan tracked down an employee to see if it was in stock.

The employee said it was and had it brought out in a big box. On the box the price was $100 more than the floor model. But the employee kept saying it was wrong, that it was $100 cheaper, and she wrote the new price on a special paper. She also made sure to tell us that the chair we were buying was slightly different than the one on the floor - but since it was supposedly close to the same color, we were cool with it.

So we get home and Logan puts the chair together. And let me tell you, it was NOT the chair in the store. Not even close. We're not complaining though, because the one we brought home is SO MUCH NICER. Unlike the store model, the cushions are microfiber, and the wood looks nicer. And the real kicker - this chair matches our living room perfectly. We know we would not have been able to say the same about the one in the store.

My guess is that the employee, for whatever reason, just made up a new price for the chair - because it was not one of the 3 shown in the store, nor was there a sale going on. And what makes it even better is that we had a 15% off coupon. Oh yes.

Logan and I are still wondering how the heck we managed to get such a good deal. I mean, we know how (God loves us, that's how), but it's still pretty funny to think we could have brought home that other chair and totally hated it.

And can you believe the glider comes with a little table? Yeah. This is totally not the chair we looked at the store. But we're not complaining. :)
Our newly arranged living room! Now all we need is baby Landon to rock in our new fabulous rocking chair :)

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  1. So cozy!! That will be the official cozy spot in the house.  Enjoy your glider!!  I also like that blue color of the walls.  Just a tidbit - if it starts to squeak at any  time, oil the gliding parts but also tighten the screws...sounds strange but our squeaking was from loose screws.  Maybe that info will be handy, maybe not but it sure would have saved us many headaches!


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