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Thursday, April 26, 2012

New hobbies are very humbling (at least for me)

Thankfully, the last couple of days were much better than Monday. I'm still pretty uncomfortable most of the time, but that just comes with the 3rd trimester. Speaking of that, when I realized we made it to 32 weeks, I almost couldn't believe it - because honestly for awhile there we didn't think we would make it this far. But here we are! God is good.

Like I shared last month, crocheting is my new hobby. And like any new endeavor, I've had a couple flops (or should I just say lessons learned?). Being the ambitious - and bored - person I am, I decided to go big and make a baby blanket. It surprisingly was going pretty well until I came across this humongous knot that neither Logan or I could undo. So I was forced to cut the yarn and stop. Which means Marley has a blanket now. Ha! I didn't like the color anyway, so I guess I can't be too disappointed. ;)
I started another baby blanket as soon as Logan bought me some [prettier] yarn, and made sure to roll the yarn into a ball this time so I knew there were no knots. Somehow the blanket ended up being really, really long (I guess I crocheted too loosely?), and I realized there wasn't going to be enough yarn to make it long enough going the other way. I was ready to undo the whole thing and start over, but Logan wouldn't let me. Eh.
Now I think I'll put the blanket on hold and work on something smaller. The good news is that I have plenty of time to experiment! :)


  1. Youtube adding two skins of yarns together. That way you can make the blanket however you want. It is very easy and you really don't notice it when it is all said and done. OR Logan could go to Michael's for sure sells it and get the huge rolls that are made for baby blankets and are super soft.

  2. Yeah, combining yarn is still on my list of skills to learn. I thought about getting more yarn but one of the blanket's edges wasn't exactly straight so I'd rather just start over! The skein Logan got was actually one of the bigger ones and would have been enough for the blanket had I not screwed it up. Oh well...


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