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Saturday, April 28, 2012

The pressure is on! Pun intended.

All week, I've been feeling more pressure on my cervix. I know Landon is getting bigger, so of course I'm going to be feeling more weight. But sometimes I'm not so sure if what I'm feeling is normal with a cerclage - or if I should call my doctor. It's like a daily debate I have in my head.

On Thursday, I was trying to get my Procardia refilled since I realized I was going to run out over the weekend. To make a long story short, Thursday I wasn't able to contact either one of my doctors, and it took me all day yesterday to finally get things straight. And I was just a little stressed, thinking how ridiculous the whole process was and that if I didn't get that dang medicine before the offices closed, I'd be screwed. Because you know, Procardia is the medicine I take for my contractions.

Throughout the whole crazy prescription episode, I had also left a message for Dr. H, explaining how I was feeling more pressure. Logan really wanted me to call, and to be honest, I started getting a little paranoid about something happening over the weekend. So I decided to put a call in just to be safe.

Well. I don't know exactly what happened, but Dr. H or a nurse never called me back about the "feeling more pressure" issue. My guess is that that part of the message got lost with the Procardia nonsense, because seriously...Dr. H is like really, really good about responding to my messages. He always calls me back instead of having the nurse call.

It was a frustrating day, to say the least, and Logan even wanted me to stop telling him the whole story because he was getting just as frustrated as I was. :) But I guess the good news is that I did get more Procardia. Let's just hope I make it to Tuesday, when I have my next appointment.

This week, I've been really, really good when it comes to staying off my feet. Seriously. And so it's quite annoying to still be feeling all the pressure I've been feeling.

Oh, I wish I knew how much longer it'll be until Landon comes.


  1. Every day that Landon is in your womb is a blessing to his health and your sanity (I can't help but imagine a baby in NICU is much more stressful than bed rest!).

  2. you make an excellent point! i need to remind myself of that!


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