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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Week 31 - So close...yet so far...

You know, I was getting really excited this weekend about getting close to that 34-week mark. I even started making a to-do list of things I want to accomplish before Landon is born (because yes, I am a to-do list type of gal). So much for that, though...

My doctor appointments were this morning, and I was a little worried because last night I started feeling my stitch, as weird as that may sound. I've felt it before every now and then, but this time the feeling never went away. It was just really uncomfortable. Thankfully I was already going in first thing this morning - otherwise I would have called Dr. H.

Dr. C's ultrasound showed that my cervix was even more open, so she told me to rest more. She said the part of my cervix that was closed looked good, though. However, she seemed to think that if that last stitch goes, I'd dilate a lot more. Yikes.

Dr. H checked me and said my cervix was starting to soften and thin out. I think that made him change his mind about me doing "whatever I want" at 34 weeks, because he doesn't want me to go to a good friend's wedding in the middle of May- despite me being 34 weeks by then (good thing I spent $200 on a bridesmaid dress! Sigh. But that was right after I found out I was pregnant...before the drama began) :( This whole bed rest thing has made me miss quite a few parties and events. But I'm trying to remember the bigger picture here! So hard sometimes.

Landon is doing just great, though, and is moving like a little acrobat. Which is totally reassuring...even when he keeps me up at 4am! He's now 3 lb 10 oz. Praise God.

I have to say I'm pretty frustrated about my limitations, even more so now, because there were some things I was really hoping to get done before our life gets busy with a newborn - like some major cleaning and cooking (to freeze meals for postpartum life). But now I'll just have to fight that ever-growing nesting instinct, even if I get to 34 weeks. Because I really want Landon to stay put for as long as possible, despite me being SO ready to meet him!

I'm totally open to having visitors. And I would love you forever if you brought me food. Just saying. :)

Here's to another 3 weeks of laziness! Oy vey.

"Jesus' holiest act was not when He was doing but when He was being done unto."

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