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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tuesday is the day!

Tuesday is officially the big day! It's strange to pick your baby's birthday, in a sense, but I have to admit there are positives. It makes planning a heck of a lot easier!

I'm trying to focus on the positives about having a C-section, and it's definitely helping my attitude. It dawned on me that I would probably be freaking out if there was the added pressure of needing to get the stitches out before delivery. Logan and I don't need that extra stress (heck, Dr. H doesn't either, for that matter)! Plus, I'm glad I was able to accept the whole C-section thing as opposed to needing one last-minute and being disappointed. Now I can just focus on our baby!

I've been cramping a lot ever since yesterday, and last night I didn't sleep too well because of it. There was almost an hour where contractions were coming every 9 minutes, but thankfully they slowed down. All of these false alarms are going to make me crazy!

Dr. H wants to see me again on Monday, so I have yet another appointment, as well as my pre-op stuff for the C-section.

Less than a week until we meet Landon! I am beyond excited. Logan and I keep saying how it's not going to be real until we have our baby in our arms. We can't believe we're this close!


  1. There's good and bad with both, but here are things to make you feel better:

    -you can plan easier (therefore less anxiety and stress to you and baby)
    -vaginal births can lead to incontinence and prolapse (sections don't)
    -you'll have less bleeding after
    -labor HURTS....and with everything you've went through, can you imagine going through labor for the longest time just to go to a section anyway?
    -laboring for hours can cause back pain for weeks and even months after birth (mine hurt so bad after)
    -everything "down there" stays the same. lol
    -your baby won't be born with a conehead from all the pushing
    -you can still breastfeed shortly after
    -no need to be scared of the epidural needle...doesn't hurt at all

  2. Thanks sista! All good points. The cone head one made me laugh :)

    I'm not so sure about the epidural not hurting though, because the spinal I got for my cerclage definitely hurt. Maybe the fact that you were in labor at the time made the needle feel like nothing compared to the contractions! Either way, though, at least the pain is short-lived.

  3. Well yeah....being that I was having back labor and they did it during a contraction might have had something to do with it...lol.  I didn't feel anything.

    But my coworker (who didn't labor) said it didn't hurt, just felt like a pinprick. 

  4. You could also ask for anti anxiety meds. I did. After that, I didn't care about the needle. I was happy. I don't remember much but I know between the anxiety meds and the epidural, I was a happy camper and didn't feel a thing.


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