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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Week 34 - we made it!

Well, 34 weeks is obviously a pretty big deal, because Dr. C said she doesn't need to see me anymore after today! Since I don't see Dr. H until next week, she made sure to tell me to call him (or go to Labor & Delivery) if I have any bleeding, my water breaks, or if I have more than 4 really painful contractions in an hour. She said they would go ahead and cut the cerclage then so my cervix doesn't tear. That is definitely one of my [many] fears - my cervix tearing because of the cerclage still in place. Ouch. There are several times where I've had more than 4 contractions in an hour, but she said I'll want to kill my husband because of the pain. Ha. I certainly haven't reached that point yet! :)

Landon is 5 lb 7 oz! Big boy. Dr. C said he's breech, so pray that he turns in time! I'm a little nervous about that, because he seems quite content where he's at. We shall see, though.

My cervix looks the same, still open at the top and funneling down. It looks like a carrot on the ultrasound (is that a weird analogy?) because it tapers down to where the stitch is holding it closed at the bottom. If that makes any sense.

Logan and I have begun counting down to 37 weeks, since that is when I'll have the stitches removed (assuming things don't happen before that). That is also when I can stop taking Procardia. Yay! Today I stop taking baby aspirin, so I'm pretty excited about not having to take so many pills soon (oh, the little things in life).

37 weeks just so happens to be Logan's birthday, so we have a lot to look forward to in the next few weeks.

Random fact of the day: 8 years ago today, Logan asked me to be his girlfriend. And now we're married, expecting a baby very soon! Oh, how time flies. :)

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