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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

1st postpartum checkup

Today I had my first postpartum checkup with Dr. H. All he did was check my c-section incision...as well as say that we needed to get me better so I can have 4 or 5 more babies. Oh, Dr. H. What a funny guy.

(Totally not opposed to that, of course, it's just not at the top of things to do right now. Considering this pregnancy was oh so very long, and that I'm quite content at the moment with my 2-week old baby.)

Dr. H also took a good look at Landon and said he needed a sister. Ha. It's true our family does need a girl (my parents have 5 grandsons including Levi), but it'll have to wait. :)

I go back to see Dr. H in a month, and he'll do a pelvic exam then. I meant to post about my c-section before today (oops), but I'll just go ahead and tell you now that Dr. H wasn't able to get one of the cerclage stitches out after the c-section. He was able to unknot it, so it shouldn't cause any problems. Today he said that he doesn't think we'll ever see that stitch again- which is a little weird knowing it's just hanging out in my body. But oh well.

My recovery is going well, as I can get around much easier now. The only thing is that sometimes when I get up or try to turn over while laying down, I get a sharp pain in my incision. But I won't complain too much because my stomach has gone down quite a bit. :) (Heck, it's summer. I don't wear bikinis by any means but a girl likes to look decent!)

And in case you're wondering, Landon is still cute. :)

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  1. Well don't be a stranger to the camera, Mrs. Lirette...we want to see you (hey - the whole family) sometimes too!


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