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Friday, June 29, 2012

He's a growing boy! Or so I thought...

Landon saw the pediatrician on Wednesday for an early 1-month appointment (he's 3 weeks old). He weighed in at 7 lb 7 oz, which means he gained an ounce a day since the last weigh-in. And that's a good thing!

Despite his weight gain, Landon is still a scrawny little thing, and that became even more obvious when he met his cousin, William, who is 2 months old. William is a cute chubby baby! It's so funny to see how different the two babies are, considering us mommies are twin sisters. :)
Landon, 3 weeks old
William, 2 months old


  1. oh my gosh!!!! so so so sweet! wishing i wasn't so far when sis is in town! at nearly 38 weeks pregnant the drive would be ... well you know

  2. Aw, yeah...2 hours in the car would not be fun right now! Maybe next time when Jonah is here :)


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