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Monday, October 15, 2012

Best buds...one day...

When we had Bamm Bamm, I talked about Marley being jealous...and she is definitely getting more jealous the older Landon gets. At first, she pretty much left him alone, but now that he's awake more and making more noise, she's all up in his space. If I sit on the ground with Landon, Marley literally tries to get in between us and climb in my lap. Yeah. Not jealous at all...

The good thing, though, is that she isn't chewing up diapers anymore like she did with Bamm Bamm. She's actually better behaved now that Landon is here...I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I was pregnant this time around. Perhaps she knew it was coming?

I thought it would be funny to go back and find pictures with both Landon and Marley in it. As jealous as she is, I know she loves him. One day they'll be best buds...as soon as he starts crawling!
First time seeing each other! For some reason that feels like forever ago
 That same day we came home from the hospital
 I just wish I knew what Landon was thinking...
 Funny thing is that Marley never curled up next to me when I had Landon...she came by me when I'm wasn't holding him. And now she likes to make her way in between us.
 And this is why tummy time never lasts long
 Guard dog
 You can't look at Landon without paying attention to Marley! She tried to get in my dad's way right here
This giraffe mat is so comfy that we can't leave it on the ground - otherwise Marley will lie down on it. I left it on the couch once, and when Logan got home he found it halfway across the house. Can you imagine that crazy dog dragging this giraffe everywhere??

I just love this one! My babies :)

I took these next ones this weekend, and you'll see how Marley has to be right next to Landon and me. 
Yeah, I was sitting right next to Landon, so there was NO ROOM, but Marley jumped up anyway.
As soon as Marley hears that we're awake (on the weekends we lay there for a few minutes because Landon is SO happy when he first wakes up), she has to jump in bed and join the party...even if it means getting in the way.

I know those of you who aren't too fond of dogs probably think I'm crazy, but you have to remember that Marley spent 4 months with me on bed rest. So she's my baby girl :) But Landon is most definitely priority!

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  1. Marley & Landon are so cute together! Before we know it Landon will be throwing the ball to Marley! ahhhhh! <3


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