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Monday, October 1, 2012

Best of both worlds

The last part of Landon's feeding saga was about the yeastie beasties. And since then, the yeastie beasties haven't been much of an issue (they tried making another appearance but thankfully it didn't last). Nursing did get better. My milk supply, on the other hand, has only slightly increased. I talked to the lactation nurse again, who assured me I did everything I could and said that breastfeeding doesn't have to be all or nothing. So, we've been doing both nursing and formula, and will continue to do so as long as possible.

We still don't know why I don't have enough milk. I had my thryoid level checked and it was normal.  I'm starting to wonder if it had anything to do with the fact that Landon was (and is) such a great sleeper at night. Who knows? I have accepted it, though, and will just try again with our next baby (God-willing).

I was actually surprised at the amount I pumped at work on Friday, since it was more than I'd gotten previous times. And the other encouraging thing is that it hasn't decreased. But I'm not counting on having my supply increase enough to stop supplementing (although I guess it's still possible). With the exception of when I'm at work, I stopped pumping - both for my sanity and Logan's. It's still not easy having to both breastfeed and bottle-feed, but it's been worth it.

I kind of feel like I'm not making much sense, and if that's the case, I'm sorry. I just still feel like I can't go into detail without being misunderstood. Still working on that.

The important thing is that Landon is happy and healthy- and for that we are grateful!

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  1. 1 of my good friends ended up having to do both as well, as she wasn't producing enough milk. So it happens, as much as you wish you could produce more milk. She ended up weaning off of breast milk and us using formula. That's okay too.


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