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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Foster Care Update

Ah, yes. Foster care. It's hard to believe it's been almost a year since we decided to have Peanut moved to another home (and found out we were pregnant!). I've gone back and read posts from our experiences with him, and man...I still can't believe we went through that. There were definitely some funny moments (in retrospect, anyways...).

So, last October we were placed on a suspension list - well, let's call it an "on hold" list, because that sounds much better - once we found out we were pregnant. It's a good thing, too, eh? We knew there was a chance our pregnancy would be rather eventful, and it certainly was.

Anyways, our home development called this month to see where we stood regarding foster care. We knew that was coming, since you can be put "on hold" for a year. So, we had actually been talking about fostering, and we knew we still wanted to do it - but just weren't sure when to start back up again. Our worker asked me if we were interested in a placement in the next 3 months. Otherwise, we'd have to be removed from the program.

Logan and I decided we wanted to wait until Landon is a year old to start fostering again (just so we can soak up every moment!). The good news is that we have a year from now to take another child before they make us take the certification classes all over again. But for now, we're being removed from the program. And, God-willing, we will join again next summer and have another foster child shortly thereafter.

I've learned by now not to make plans, though - seriously, it's like the one thing God seems to be teaching me over and over again - so I know that could change. We shall see!

This seems to be a perfect time for an update on Bamm Bamm and Peanut, soooo....

Bamm Bamm has grown so much! His family has been great with updating us, so we regularly get pictures of him. He's still a cutie :) We tried to schedule a visit when I was pregnant, but things were so crazy that it never worked out. Hopefully it'll happen soon, though.

Peanut is still with the same family he went to after leaving us, and they plan to adopt him soon. That makes me feel much better, because I was so worried he would be one of those kids that went from home to home his entire life. He still bites and everything else, but overall, it sounds like his behavior has improved.

We only fostered 2 kids within 6 months, but man, those experiences will stay with us forever.

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  1. Thanks for the update!  Very interesting.  


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