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Monday, October 29, 2012

Our little entertainer

Wow, this past week has flown by! We've been rather busy.

The weekend before last, Landon and I went with my mom to visit her parents in Missouri for a few days- they hadn't met our little man yet. And now Landon has officially met all of his great-grandparents! Yay.

This past weekend, we had a costume party with some friends. It was more of a fall party since we don't do the Halloween thing, and of course we had to dress up Landon as well. He was our Captain America! :) (pictures to come later!)

On Saturday, we drove almost 3 hours to attend a wedding (the first of 5 we have in the next month!). Landon loved it so much that he wouldn't even take the time to eat - he was too busy looking around at everybody and everything. You should have seen him when we danced...he was loving it. So much like his daddy! ;)

I teach CCD class (AKA religion) at our church parish, and tonight I had to bring Landon for the first half hour since Logan got off work late. In my class, I have all girls and one boy. And let me tell you...the girls LOVED Landon - and he loved them right back!

Landon "talks" all the time now, and I really wish I knew what he was trying to say! It's so fun seeing his little personality come out. He still doesn't take long naps during the day, and sometimes I wonder if he thinks he's going to miss out on something! Silly boy. But man, he sure is cute!

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