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Friday, November 30, 2012

Oh, pictures

I feel like I have something to say but nothing is coming to mind. So I'll just post pictures! :)

Most of them will have both Landon and Marley in it, because the dog has been so jealous lately, she's always in Landon's space. As you will soon see...
Sleeping babies. Happy momma.
Marley seriously stole that little parrot and tried to run off with it. We've already found a few of Landon's toys "buried" in random parts of the house. Crazy dog.
The dog doesn't care if Landon is in my lap...she will climb in too. ALL.THE.TIME.
Um, sometimes the cuteness is just too much. :)
We try to go for walks as much as possible - Marley follows me around the house until we go, and I need the exercise anyway. Plus, Landon LOVES outside (even when it's cold!). So it's a win-win-win!
Ahhh. If I put a blanket out, Marley will play on it. And sleep on it. And get in Landon's way.
Marley is so jealous that she's been jumping up in bed with us in the middle of the night.  And I promise that Landon was not hurt in this next picture...he was just fussy all of a sudden. I just thought it was a pretty funny picture :)
Marley is really very sweet with him. Promise! 
And well, Landon doesn't quite know how to treat Marley just yet. 

Those are pictures off my phone, and I really need to upload the ones from our camera because there are some good ones! I try to take most pictures with our camera since it's better and all, but sometimes my phone is wayyy more convenient. Especially since I can easily text them to grandparents. :) (And easily post them on our blog. Yay Blogger app!)

I feel like all I do now is post pictures. (Maybe because I do!) Everything I plan to write about kind of leaves my brain when I actually start to write. I'm working on that...

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