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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

6-month check-up

Dude. Tomorrow Landon will be half a year old. What?!

His appointment went well this morning. So far he hasn't been as fussy as he was last time he got shots. Thank You, Lord.

And guess who weighs 16 pounds? Yes. Big boy. And I find it slightly crazy that he's only in the 25 percentile for weight. There must be some huge babies out there!

Landon has been rather fussy when he takes a bottle lately - like he squirms and sometimes refuses to finish even half the bottle. I am still nursing him, but my milk supply has pretty much stayed the same...so it's not like he's getting more from me. So his doctor wants us to give him Zantac (for reflux) to see if it helps. If we don't see a difference in a couple weeks, I'm supposed to call him.

Landon has also stopped sleeping well at night since his last appointment, and I'm hoping (although not counting on it) that it's just reflux and the meds will help. We've already ruled out hunger. He sleeps on a flat surface now (i.e. crib) where before we always had him in something that reclined (Fisher Price's rock'n'play sleeper is awesome. Just saying.). But we had to "retire" the rock'n'play at night once he started rolling over. So it certainly is possible that reflux is the culprit. We shall see.

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