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Friday, January 25, 2013

Photo Friday: this boy is on the move

We've had a pretty good week so far, despite Landon getting into more stuff (let's call it "exploring"). He even pulled himself up for the first time!

Family walk!

His first time riding in the buggy like a big boy at the store :)

This kid LOVES bath time

The day after I took this picture he pulled up all the way on this toy. And he hasn't done it since. Haha.

"Look what I have, Mommy!" Poor Marley.

This is the Landon pose - he seriously lies sideways and plays with a toy like this all.the.time.

Mesmerized by the vacuum cleaner

He will get on all fours (this particular time he held himself up for a full minute) but he still doesn't crawl on his hands and knees. Army crawling all over the place!

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