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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cloth Diapering: Part 2

If you haven't read it already, here's part 1!

I was pretty darn excited when the cloth diapers came in, as crazy as that may sound. After washing them a few times, we got to using them. Surprisingly, it wasn't that bad!
I thought it was so cute his diaper matched the blanket :)

Fast forward a couple weeks...the cloth diapers started leaking. Every time. I got so fed up with having to change Landon's clothes with each diaper that I seriously considered switching back to disposables. But I just couldn't bear to think about all that money going down the drain!

So I did research. Turns out the way you wash the diapers can make a HUGE difference (ESPECIALLY with hard water. Thank you New Orleans.) We also started using two inserts at a time. Like one friend told me, "I feel like cloth diapering is an art!" So, so true.

In addition to leaks being less frequent, another friend told me about diaper liners, which you need to use when you put cream on your baby's bottom (so as to not ruin the cloth diaper's absorbency). These wonderful liners also make poopy diapers sooo much easier. Logan is much more on board with cloth diapering (and the poopiness) now that we use liners. Who knew?

We put Landon in disposables at night since the cloth diapers would always leak, but again, I did research. I found some awesome inserts (since we have pocket diapers) that I double with our current inserts - and voila! We rarely have leaks overnight now. Best part is we don't have to buy as many disposables! (We really only keep some on hand for babysitters and out-of-town trips. And Logan tends to use disposables when he has to bring Landon out of the house by himself.) Honestly, I think the cloth diapers work better than disposables at night. But that's just a personal opinion :)

It's been a learning process, that's for sure. There are a lot of things I wish I had known before I (impulsively) ordered that first set of cloth diapers, though....

To be continued...(last one, I promise!)

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  1. so so cute! we just started too! so much fun! haha we had one leak. what brands are you using? I got a variety to try out.. It's so addicting which makes it hard when you're trying to save money ;)


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