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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Goals update: January is over already?!

I don't know about you, but I've heard a lot lately about how most people have given up on their resolutions by now, and that is so annoying! We haven't been perfect with our goals by any means, but we are in no way ready to give up on them. :) Here's a review of how we did this month!

  • Monthly confession. {Done.}
  • Compliment each other daily. {I SUCK AT THIS. Seriously. I do. Logan has done pretty well, on the other hand.}
  • Monthly date night. {We went to a wedding earlier in the month and also went to an early dinner on Wednesday since Logan had an unexpected day off.}
  • Read to Landon daily. {I did forget a few days. There were also some days I tried and Landon just wasn't interested. Sigh. I wish I could just read as part of his bedtime routine, but when he is ready for bed, he is READY.}
  • Teach/use sign language with Landon. {Still trucking along with this. Sometimes it's hard to do since a lot of signs require 2 hands and that doesn't exactly work when we're holding him! But it is fun seeing Landon react to certain signs we use often.}
  • Make a toy box. {Haha. This one make me laugh. I think Logan forgot about it!}
  • Read Scripture daily. {I've been doing this but felt it wasn't as fruitful as I had been hoping - probably because I'm trying to read while feeding Landon with one hand and myself with the other. So I started doing this during Landon's first nap (which is so hard when there is housework to be done!) MUCH better. :)}
  • Journal twice a week. {I did get better with this but still not doing it as often as I like.}
  • Walk 4 times a week. {Totally kept up with this! Logan comes with us more often now since we're getting ready for a couple of 5Ks.}
  • Exercise twice a week. {I finally got on the ball with this! I started off with doing Zumba (I have the game for Nintendo Wii) and then I started to run again. Yes, run. Many of our walks include a period of running or I go by myself when Logan is home. So I think I've actually been exercising more than twice a week. Also, I was asked to play co-ed soccer again this spring, and Logan is actually letting me (he told me no in the fall)! SO EXCITED.}
  • Learn to knit crochet scarves (sashay yarn). {I found out you can crochet these scarves- it's just the specific yarn that makes them so pretty. So I started a scarf and undid it and restarted a million times because it wasn't turning out the way I liked. I think I may have the right method finally, so we will see. Otherwise, I'll just learn how to knit them after all.}
  • Make a monthly meal plan master grocery list. {I'm excited about this one because it really is simplifying our cooking and grocery shopping. It'll probably take another month or two to finalize it, but so far I have the cost breakdown of a few meals and have kept track of certain things we buy regularly. One of the books I'm reading is about saving money and the author talks about a "master grocery list" and turns out that's what I've been working on! Just to give an example, for dinner I decided to cook certain meals regularly. So far I've already cooked red beans, gumbo, and spaghetti, and was able to freeze portions of it for later. Red beans was by far the cheapest, but the others were still under $10 - and that was for multiple dinners. What's even better is that I can just pull one of those babies out of the freezer and not worry about cooking. Yay.}
  • Read 2 books per month. {Done! I read 2 short ebooks and another actual book, plus I'm in the middle of 3 other books. I have a really bad habit of reading several books at a time.}


  1. Way to go!  I'm dying for a red beans recipe.  Share?

  2. Sorry, no recipe. After soaking overnight I just cook them in a crockpot all day and season as we wish. If we have sausage (Logan's boss gives us some from time to time) I'll throw that in too. Keeping it simple :)


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