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Friday, April 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes

I love, love the idea of 7 Quick Takes because I usually have a bunch of thoughts in my head and how can I just choose just one? I know I do Photo Friday but um, I might have to link-up more often...

1. Another Jen usually leads the 7QT (and I didn't actually follow her blog until today) but Grace is doing it for her this week! And I do follow her blog. Let me tell you, you should read Grace's blog because she is FUNNY. 3 kids under the age of 3...I don't know how she does it. But it sure is funny to read about! ;) Bonus is that she's a Catholic. Wooo. Oh, Camp Patton is the name of her blog, by the way.

2. I keep saying we've been busy and I know that sounds crazy because I don't work full-time, but...somehow we have been very busy. And I'm going to stop saying that, because then it just seems like things get busier. Sigh. I probably shouldn't be blogging right now, considering we have 3 guests spending the night (2 are part of the retreat team visiting our church parish, one is a friend who has been staying with us). Buuuut I told them to make themselves at home, and they have! So we're good.

3. Logan has a new job! He's only gone through orientation so I will probably write more about this after he starts working for real (which happens at the end of the month). But it is looking very promising! Yay!

4. This past week has convinced me that mouth pain is the WORST. (Wellll, I've heard bone pain is the worst, which is probably true, but mouth pain has got to be in the top 3! Or something!) So yeah. Remember all that craziness with removing my wisdom teeth? Apparently my mouth never really healed from it, because now I have a tooth abscess. It all started with pain on Monday, and I woke up Wednesday looking like a chipmunk (on one side my cheek was SO swollen, the same side that had issues with my wisdom teeth). And I'm currently waiting to have a root canal, scheduled for Tuesday. Thankfully, today the pain has not been so bad (thank you antibiotics!), but over the course of the last few days I considered weaning Landon just so I could have the good painkillers. Sad, I know. But it's been affecting everything - sleeping, eating, talking. Sigh. And now I stop the complaining, because at least this is just temporary!

5. Logan and I were planning on getting new windows in our house with our tax refund. But there were a few things that made us hesitate. And now that we have to pay for a darn root canal, I am SO glad we didn't spend all that money on windows! Otherwise I would be stressing big time about how to pay for it.

6. Speaking of finances (since I'm just telling you all our personal business today, yo), I have been working extra days here and there. It definitely adds to the craziness of life, but I'm somewhat nervous about the summer, since I will not be working (well, as of now), and we're not sure exactly how much Logan will be making since it is a tip job. But like I've said, God provides, so I know He will continue to do so - whether it's in the way we expect or not.

7. I thought I had more things to ramble on about but now I'm realizing it is my bedtime and I'm suddenly starving. Nice. Off to find some soft food! But first a picture (repeat) of our goofy boy. He makes me smile (and was a big hit with the retreat team)!  :)

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