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Friday, April 26, 2013

Photo Friday: Dude. It's almost May.

I am currently very frustrated with the fact that I cannot seem to take decent pictures with my phone. Flash, no flash, it doesn't matter....many are still blurry. I'm working on it. :( 

Shoutout to my nephew William who turned 1 this week! My sister made his outfit and I think it's adorable (so is he, of course)!

Landon looooves water. Bath time, dog bowl, pool, you name it.

He took everything out of this drawer and then started putting things back in. Too funny. (It's just our bathing suits and covers, FYI)

Landon likes to climb in bed with Marley. This particular time he decided to use her as a teething toy. 

In spite of it all, they really do love each other. :)

He pushes everything all around (toys, strollers, foot stool) but has yet to "accidentally" take a few steps by himself.

Thanks for the help, bubba.

Parallel play. Love it.

Oh, remote. We need one of you in every room of the house.

One minute he's playing with that orange toy, and the next minute...sleeping like a baby.

Ah, he would not look at the camera! Too much fun to be had.

Okay, since when did he become a big boy? He was just sitting there playing. I guess he's going to turn 1 in 6 weeks whether I like it or not!

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