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Friday, May 31, 2013

Photo Friday: forget you Blogger app

I'm sure you're tired of seeing blurry pictures so enough with the Blogger app....I can't promise I'll plug in my phone or camera every week to upload pictures but I'm doing it this week! And if you want to see the previous blurry pictures that are no longer blurry (since I'm awesome and updated them after I uploaded them on our computer) check out last week and the week before.
 He loves food. I don't know where he puts it sometimes!
 On the way to Mimi and Pops' house for the weekend, stopped at Sonic and he had to look out the window

  Fun with his cousins
 Our little farmer boy...who can now take a few steps by himself!
 They enjoyed banging on the piano just a little too much
 Landon also loves water! We need to invest in a baby pool for the summer :)

 Birthday breakfast at IHOP for Daddy :) (gotta love emails with coupons for free birthday meals)
 The radio was playing music and this little boy started to dance. So.darn.cute.
 His new favorite thing to do is grab the ball, stand up, throw the ball to the ground while yelling "DAAA". Then laugh and do it over again.
 Logan and I went to the movies for his birthday and after the movie was over we came outside to a flood. Nice.

Standing on top of the train. Making his momma crazy.

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