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Friday, May 24, 2013

Photo Friday: silly silly

Seriously, this is so frustrating....the pictures are still blurry! I promise they are not like that on my phone. Fixed!
 Landon and his friend were getting into mischief together! They're only 2 weeks apart :)
 Noanie and Paw Paw gave Landon his birthday present a little early. He LOVES this train!
 Yes, he could probably walk if he wanted to - but he won't even try!
 So silly!
 I promise that is not drool on his shirt. He has a little too much fun when I give him a sippy cup of water.
 Sigh. So cute. (Biased mother here)
 My silly guys!
 Logan was cleaning the exterior house and our driveway and Landon threw a fit when I walked back inside. So I plopped him in a stroller so he could watch his daddy...who he loves so much. :)

 Someone was tired! (I swear, he sleeps in the most random places when Logan is in charge)
 They are so funny together.

Moments like this are the best!

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  1. My baby girl made your blog! So much fun watching them play together :)


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