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Friday, May 3, 2013

Photo Friday: so thankful for cousins and our puppy

I know all I've posted lately is pictures and quick takes...sorry. I'm working on it. This week I was in a picture-taking mood so prepare yourself!

Doesn't seem like the ideal way to drink a bottle to me, but whatever works, I guess...

Our mini photo shoot in our yard

He loved it...until Marley ran away and he decided he was ready for a nap.

Marley is really in for it when this boy starts walking!

Love this sweet boy :)

Homemade pizza. Mmmmm. (What you can't see is the bacon and chicken yumminess underneath the cheese!)

This ball entertained these two for quite awhile!

Crazy hair after bath time. Logan asked if I was going to cut it before his birthday....um, no! 

Marley has to be touching him at all times, apparently.


At this rate, Landon will be taking over the laundry duties soon. He loves the washer and dryer.

Cousin fun.

When Landon was born, it was weird to think that one day him and lil D would be playing together. Well, now they just love each other! 8 months is not that big of a difference after all.

Breakfast fun!

Livin' the good life

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