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Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Birthday, Landon!

Curious Landon had a blast at his Curious George first birthday party this weekend!
The birthday boy walking around like he owned the place ;)

Logan and I started planning this several months ago, and as obsessive as that sounds, it saved us a lot of time, money, and stress. I had plenty of time to look for sales, make our own decorations instead of buy them, and not freak out a week before - although I did freak out 2 days before when I realized I had a lot of food to cook and Logan's work schedule did not cooperate with that! Shout out to my parents for coming in town early and saving me :)

I didn't get to take many "before" pictures because of food preparations, but I guess that's what happens when you have a party at lunch time (which I don't totally regret, as I wanted to feed our awesome family and friends after being tight with money for the last several months).

Guests wrote Landon a little note in the book Curious George and the Birthday Surprise. I'm sure he will love reading what people wrote in a couple years :) And our party favors had snack food (animal crackers, goldfish, fruit snacks). I know my friends appreciated that instead of little plastic toys and such that would just be thrown away! :)
Whenever Walgreens offered free 8x10 photo collages, I designed them to fit the party colors!
And since a lot of people asked about the pulled pork (the main food we served), here's a link to the recipe. SO EASY. Not too often I can say I fed 30+ people with $10 of meat! Thank you, Winn-Dixie (love their sales on meat!).
 We've been taking monthly pictures (as you know if you read our blog) so when I saw this banner idea on Pinterest, I was all like OMG YES.
 Cupcakes are so easy for parties - no cake cutting! This was a dessert table but I did not get a picture of all of it. The banana pudding we had was a big hit (get it? banana pudding? monkeys? humor me).
 We have a huge garage which we do not use for parking our cars (shame) because we still haven't invested in garage door openers. I have to say, though, it's perfect for throwing parties. We put all the food and drinks along the back counter, and there was plenty of space for tables. Thanks to our neighbors for lending us fans and chairs!
 Logan's creativity at work. (No, I did not crochet that monkey, it was a gift!)

This was all Logan - seriously, I came home one day and he was working on it. Love my creative hubby :)

I had a feeling that Landon would be all about his first cupcake. And yes, yes he was!

Perfect family portrait ;) 
 Post-cupcake happiness

Lots of new toys to play with! We didn't open presents until many people had left, which was probably a good thing - Landon wasn't the least bit interested in opening them. He just wanted to play! 
 I put him in the swing while Logan and I cleaned up the garage, and he finally fell asleep. Birthday parties are exhausting! ;)
Happy birthday, Landon!

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