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Friday, June 7, 2013

Photo Friday: birthday week!

There are lots of pictures this week, so prepare yourself! Half are with my camera and the other half are with my phone, so they might be different sizes and all because I don't feel like fixing them, yo (and I'm fairly certain they might not be in the order in which they occurred. Oh wells.). Blogger is being funny (probably paying me back for calling them out on their app failure) so it will be a miracle if this post even publishes. BUT ANYWAY...

 Silly...just lying down in the middle of the kitchen

 Another early birthday present! I would LOVE for Landon to love soccer but at the moment it appears baseball is his thing. Ha. (No really, he can hold the bat properly!)
 Landon would not even stand up with his new shoes! So funny.

He just crawls in Marley's kennel and closes the door (or tries, he can't latch it). This particular time Marley was in there too.
Outside and happy
All smiles on his birthday :)
He REFUSED to let me feed him so I was like whatev, feed yourself ;)
Nice start....
...getting messy...
....bath time!
 Landon spent much of his day with cousins (well, both his cousins and also my cousin's kids - what does that make them to Landon?!)
Love his outfit made by my cousin! Can you guess what his party theme will be? :)
A little grocery shopping with Landon's cousins
Max, the other birthday boy this week!
And seriously, this little dude is picking up on the walking thing WAY TOO FAST. It sure is cute, though :)

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  1. Happy Birthday! What a chubby little sweet heart!!! You're doing a great job! And yes 0-60 often describes learning to walk. Put on those running shoes. :)


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