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Friday, June 14, 2013

Photo Friday: summer fun

Max's birthday party. Landon looked way too cute (and grown-up....*sigh*) sitting with all the big kids, eating pizza with the rest of 'em!
Landon's party!
His 12-month check-up (Sorry I never blogged about it, been a craaaaazy week. All is well though!)

He wanted another cupcake! Haha!
My poor Marley got bit by something and swelled up on one side of her lip. She's good now, though.
He walked around brushing his hair for about 10 minutes. No lie.
I was feeling adventurous so I gave him a fork to see what he would do....little man didn't do so bad :)

You can't tell in the picture but his name is on his outfit. LOVE. I'm glad I have a super talented cousin to make cute things for him :)
Many of his birthday presents were just reaaaaaally lifesavers this week. Baby pool was definitely one of them!
And I'm just loving that I can use his cloth diapers as a swim diaper (just take out the inserts!)

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