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Friday, July 26, 2013

Photo Friday: littles boys, birthdays, and way too much climbing

Pizza party what what
Dominic feeding Landon. Sweet.
That's as far as he got until he started crying
At a birthday party!
Riding the train
He was slightly obsessed with this fire truck
Sigh. My little climbing boy.

My friend let Landon have this vacuum toy since her boys don't play with it....and he loooooves it.
My troublemakers!
We're still gradually opening Landon's birthday presents, and this is the newest one. He could stay in the bathtub all day now!
Walking around the mall on Daddy's day off

(Please excuse the lingerie in the background. That's not what we were there for! Lol.)

Sometimes Landon loves Marley just a little too much....

My birthday dinner! Yeahhh

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