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Friday, July 5, 2013

Photo Friday: naps, fireworks, and a haircut (or two)

Love these moments! He is quite the cuddler :)
Pre-haircut. Aunt Jess made his onesie: "My dad can rap better than your dad". Haaaaaa.
Post-haircut by Mommy. I totally messed up his bangs at first....
Still got messed up bangs here, but he's still rockin' the sunglasses
Logan put a blanket out and Landon falls asleep on it. Whaaaaaat?
Bangs are all better now! I should have asked my sister (the professional) for advice BEFORE cutting his hair the first time

Watching the fireworks. He let out a few "oooooooh"s :)
Logan wore this t-shirt when he was a baby (toddler? kid? I don't know) so it's being passed on to Landon
Ooh! I just had an idea to take a picture of him in this shirt every year!

I don't know what it is about the floors lately (maybe they're cleaner? ha) but Landon likes to just lay there sometimes. Goofy boy.

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