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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Welcome to toddlerhood

Landon is certainly keeping us on our toes these days. Sometimes I feel like he is much too young to be exhibiting certain behaviors (think terrible twos), but hopefully that means he's just going through all of this earlier. Such a strong-willed little boy he is, I tell ya.
Weekends have been pretty exhausting for me, since Logan works and usually it's the end of his work week (which means I'm ready for a break!). Many times I've had to bring Landon with me to birthday parties, mass, and other things by myself. Just holding Landon for an hour long in church is tiring (putting him down for even a second makes can make things oh so much worse), so it certainly doesn't help when he adds in the other shenanigans. This past weekend was especially exhausting, and I'm sure everyone around me in mass was feeling sorry for me - the young mom struggling with her active toddler. One lady even offered me a ride home after mass. And another lady went on and on about how Landon was most definitely a boy. Ha. Yes...yes, he is.

I have the utmost respect for single mothers (or those with husbands away for extended periods) because it is HARD. Thankfully, it is short-lived every week for me. And I only have one kid! Whew.

Despite the exhausting side of his personality, Landon really does have quite a fun little personality. So for all of the shrieking, hitting, and testing the boundaries (just to name a few), he makes up for it by being super cuddly, inquisitive, and just plain entertaining. Life is certainly more interesting and fulfilling!
Yeah. These moments rock. Totally worth it. :)
So if it seems like all I've been doing lately is posting pictures, it's because a cute little 13-month old is taking up all of my creative energy these days. But that's okay! I wouldn't trade it for anything!

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