"When a soul recognises the will of God and shows a readiness to submit to it entirely, then God gives Himself to such a soul and renders it most powerful succour under all circumstances." - Rev. Jean-Pierre de Caussade

Friday, August 30, 2013

Photo Friday: I take too many pictures

That's my boy! :) Got those dribbling skills already
This is my cousin who I remember being born so it really blows my mind that he's EIGHTEEN YEARS OLD

Yeah. I can count on my hand the number of times this has happened.
Mr. Independent won't let Mommy feed him yogurt anymore. Gotta pick my battles, I suppose...

Look at this little cutie! One of Landon's friends :)

Like I said...Mr. Independent

After I changed Landon's diaper, I left the room to put the diaper in the laundry room, and I came back to this. He had found the remote, turned on the TV, and was lounging in his chair. Like father, like son?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ask...then listen :)

I briefly mentioned a couple weeks ago how I've been praying to know what God is asking of me right now....because there are quite a few things I could spend my precious 24 hours in a day doing. I know ya'll can relate. :)

You know, God really does answer our prayers (not always right away, but that's another topic for another day). I really started feeling a pull towards some things while feeling like I needed to back off other things. But the funny thing is that God could make it clear over and over and over what He wants me to do.....and it's all for nothing if I don't actually listen. Really. He could send an angel down who is all like HEY JEN YOU NEED TO THIS. But what if I just ignore that?

So yeah. God was actually telling me which endeavors I should pursue (I say "telling" but there was no voice, just to clarify. It's hard to explain how God speaks to me because it's different for everybody, but trust me, He was prompting me!). I tried avoiding those promptings until I couldn't take it anymore....and seriously, I'm just amazed at the things God is doing now that I'm actually listening.

Now I've changed my prayer to be open to God's promptings and to follow them. Because it's one thing to ask - and another thing to listen!

"If we make a quietness within ourselves, if we silence all desires and opinions and if with love, without formulating any words, we bind our whole soul to think 'Thy will be done,' the thing which after that we feel sure we should do…is the will of God." – Simone Weil

Friday, August 23, 2013

Photo Friday: our 14-month old climber

Ahhh he can climb furniture now (yes, getting the remote was his motivation)

Landon was climbing on the table to get some of that jambalaya from Uncle Mike
Love these boys! Cousin love
These two are special. They really are.

I think Landon likes my babysitting gig. He has company (other than the dog)!
He has a new fascination with paper and pen. Maybe he's gonna write like his momma ;)
We had one day together as a family this week (now that I'm working on one of Logan's off days) so we went bowling! And I'm proud to say that we paid only $5 (instead of $30!) :) Thanks Groupon!
My handsome guys
That kid figured out how to screw the top back on. Smartypants.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Today only (8/22)! Cloth diapering eBook

Y'all frequent readers know I'm a convert to cloth diapers and I've promoted Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert to anyone who is considering or already cloth diapering. Seriously, this book covers it all. I had done a lot of research before I got my hands on this book and still learned so much. And my friends know they can hit me up with almost any cloth diapering question ;)

Get the eBook today for only $1.00! As in ONE DOLLAR. It's a PDF version.

You can also get it on Amazon for $2.99 if you have a Kindle! Although I have a Kindle and just sent the PDF version to it.

These prices are for today only! It's normally $9.95 so I would totally get on this!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I get a percentage of sales but I would totally recommend the book even if I didn't! :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My reproductive system....again

This post will contain the words uterus, ovary, period, and fertile. Stop now if you're a dude. (Kidding. Kind of.)

My ultrasound was last week and....no fibroids! Whew! My uterus looked fine. My left ovary had a cyst but was going away and not a problem - it actually indicates that my left side is working. My right ovary, however, looked polycystic. Dr. H has said before that they could make a case for PCOS, but I didn't realize until now that just one of my ovaries has issues! Which is better than both.

My cycles are reallllly long compared to the average gal (when I do have cycles) so it kind of makes sense if only one of my ovaries is functioning.

Too much information? You know I'm an open book around here.

Dr. H ordered a couple lab tests - a fasting insulin level and DHEA level. The insulin test was to see if I'm a candidate for Metformin (as some women with PCOS are) and he wanted to check DHEA because of another patient he knew (I don't remember exactly what he said about it, sorry). But as it turns out, both test results were within normal limits. Yay.

And while we're on the topic....I stopped charting last month because I don't really care and I hate obsessing over it for nothing when I'm not sure exactly how I feel about getting pregnant anyway. It's slightly frustrating because if I had a normal pregnancy I'd be all like LET'S DO THIS. But alas, bedrest and endless contractions are not exactly fun. And while I know it's not necessarily going to be the same next time around, I can't help but dread the thought.

Despite me not charting, I knew that I was ovulating almost a month ago. It took over 50 days for it to happen but my little NFP knowledge told me hellooooo you're (finally) fertile! Then 2 weeks later rolled around and I knew it was certainly possible that I was pregnant. And I thought, well, maybe this will help me decide how I feel about being pregnant again!

My period came, and it's hard to describe exactly how I felt. I'm so used to being DEVASTATED, because it means I'm not pregnant. Well. This time I was neither devastated or relieved. It was kind of like, okay, that's that...moving on. I mean, if I had been pregnant, Logan and I would have been thrilled! Of course. But we're also totally fine with me not being pregnant. For now, at least.

Part of me feels like it's going to take awhile to get pregnant again, but I think that's partly because we always seem to have so much going on, and I can't imagine throwing another crazy pregnancy into the mix! But of course pregnancy would also be a good excuse to slim down my lists of commitments. ;)

I'm just trusting that whenever God thinks we're ready, it'll happen. Because He has shown me over and over again that His timing is just so much better than ours.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Photo Friday: our silly red-nosed boy

Just make yourself comfortable, Landon.
One of his new favorite things to do is climb up on the windowsill and just sit and hang out.
I just LOVE how he smiles for pictures now! Big boy.
Our most noticeable injury yet...he likes to dive off furniture now.
Ummmmmm. Thanks buddy. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Slow down, sista!

Well. I am just baffled sometimes at how darn busy my life can be. I don't get it. Stay-at-home moms have nothing to do, right? Especially when I just have one kid? HA. So funny.

I'm a firm believer that you have time for what you want to make time for...so that phrase "I don't have time" kind of makes me giggle. Yes, there are some days that fly by and you're going from one thing to another. But most days have at least some down time - as long as you make time for it.

Like yesterday. I don't know what happened, but suddenly I was doing 5 things at once - cooking dinner (ok, "preparing" dinner that was already cooked), making muffins, answering phone calls, responding to texts between phone calls, and making sure Landon didn't turn off the oven while I was using it (yeah, his favorite pastime now...press all the buttons on the oven).

Before I knew it, Landon and Logan had eaten dinner without me, I almost forgot about the muffins in the oven, and it was time for Landon to go to bed. How did that happen?!

I feel like I should mention that many of the texts and phone calls were business-related and somewhat time-sensitive, otherwise I would have put them off until later. :) And this is not a typical evening for me...

So yeah. Crazy evening yesterday. Thankfully last night was also my weekly chapel hour, which I so desperately needed. I was definitely making time for that! If you're Catholic (and even if you're not!) and have never had a chapel hour, I totally recommend it - it will change your life. Promise.

Fall is crazy for most people, myself included. I just cringe when I look at my calendar, because the next few months are already full of birthday parties, weddings, trips, family events, and appointments. And that doesn't include my work schedule, babysitting days (did I mention I babysit a couple days a week now?), and church obligations (I teach CCD and that's about to start back up).

My main prayer lately is to truly know what God is asking of me right now and to not spend time on things that He doesn't want me to do. As crazy as it sounds, there are a few things I'm feeling called to but am not exactly sure how that will work into my current schedule. But I know it's all about using our time wisely and making time for the important things.

1. God
2. Logan
3. Landon
4. everything else!

So, so hard sometimes. But it can be done! One step at a time. That may mean no playing soccer right now (or ever again, *sigh*), not crocheting as often as I like, not watching much TV, and forcing myself to sit down and have some quiet time (WHY IS THIS SO HARD?!).

I should also mention that a priest once told me that even though we may feel called to certain things, it might not be what we had in mind. Example: I'm still feeling a pull towards fostering again, but since Logan is not feeling the same calling, I'm thinking maybe it's just because of the babysitting thing. Because some babysitting days I definitely feel like I did in our fostering days! Not necessarily a bad thing, though - there's just many similarities. :)

I'm also trying to remember that just because God is calling us to something, doesn't mean it's going to happen NOW. Example: I first felt God leading us towards fostering in the summer of 2010, and we didn't get our first foster child until May 2011. I was looking through an old journal recently and was amazed at how God just opened doors for us to make the whole fostering thing happen. He certainly guides us to where we need to go. So awesome, I tell ya.

Ok, enough blabbering for now. I don't know if any of this made sense or if you think I'm crazy...just a gal sharing her thoughts! ;)
"It is by staying still, in silence, and possibly for long periods, before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, that we perceive what he wants for us, put aside our own plans to make way for his, and let God's light gradually penetrate the heart and heal it." - Father Raniero Cantalamessa

Friday, August 9, 2013

7 Quick Takes (vol.7)

Linking up with Conversion Diary...

Some days I am slightly obsessed with crocheting. I took a break the last few days (because I was obsessed with a book), but here are some fun things I've made lately!
Don't make fun of the pig. I don't currently have a newborn model (but I will have 2 nieces/nephews/both in a few months! Yay!).
And this is seriously the easiest beanie hat to make ever. I may or may not have plans to make it in every color imaginable.
I told you.
The time has come again....time to go back to work. Sigh. Things won't be the same as last year since Logan has a different job now, so my schedule will change based on Logan's schedule. But I'm hoping I will only have to work once a week again (if that) because if I work on Logan's off-days we will hardly ever see each other (since he works weekends now). Not cool.
My ultrasound to check for fibroids is next week if you could say a prayer please :)
Landon is becoming more interested in books! Yay! I tried reading to him earlier this year and he wasn't too interested. Now he brings me a book to read! I have this cute video of him walking around "reading" a book and he was just babbling away. Love it.

I've talked about temperaments before because Logan and I are complete opposites. I'm borrowing The Temperament God Gave Your Kids (written by Art and Laraine Bennett) from a friend and am loving it! My mind was blown at first because I realized that not only am I married to an extrovert, my child is one too....so that is probably why I feel so tired all of the time. I need me some silence!

I've literally laughed out loud several times while reading because although it talks specifically about kids, the sanguine chapter describes Logan perfectly and the melancholic chapter describes me perfectly. Example:
..."sanguines tend to stop studying the moment they feel they have put in enough time, unlike the melancholic student, who will not stop until he has mastered the material." 
Ummmm yes. My mom is probably laughing right now because I never stopped studying when I was in nursing school. And when I read that sentence to Logan he totally agreed the sanguine part described him!

Next I'll be reading The Temperament God Gave Your Spouse. Thanks C! :)
I'm a pretty frugal gal when it comes to grocery shopping. But over the last couple years I have also been having sort of a conversion experience when it comes to the food we buy and eat. And wellllllll it makes me avoid the grocery store because I can't stand buying certain things because of certain ingredients but then I get depressed when I see the prices on the stuff I want to buy! Does anyone else have this problem?! Maybe I'm not making much sense...

Yesterday I went to the store (finally, because I avoided it for so long because I haaaaaate it), and it took me forever because I felt like I needed to read the ingredients on every.single.thing. Too much crap is put into our foods and it's like suddenly I'm aware of it and I can't stand the thought of putting that into our bodies (especially Landon)! But all of the natural and organic stuff is soooo much pricier and I sit there debating whether or not I should buy it because our grocery budget is only so much money. We checked out a local Farmer's Market awhile ago but was not impressed at the selection so now I'm on a mission to find a place to buy healthy food that won't break the bank. Please help me!
As crazy as fall can be, I'm pretty darn excited because it's football season! Yeahhhh. Go Saints! 
He's my fave!

Photo Friday: lots of food and lots of smiles

I barely took any pictures this week (I'm still recovering from our trip....), so I'm including the ones from last week that I never posted!
Landon can slide out of our bed now, and this particular time he stopped midway and "got stuck"
This was the beginning of him smiling for pictures
That little booger just grabbed one of our crawfish quesadillas and went to town

Landon and I shared a footlong on our road trip and he was totally eating it like a big boy
....chocolate chip pancakes. I don't think he liked them. ;)
The boys I babysit decided to wrap up Marley with the blanket. My poor girl.
Landon was loving on her, at least! His BFF ;)

Monday, August 5, 2013

Wedding fun

Anybody notice I didn't publish a Photo Friday post? No? That's okay...I didn't either.

Kidding. I was in good ol' Kansas City for the weekend and didn't feel like blogging since there was too much going on! My cousin got married and although it was a crazy, stressful trip, I'm so glad we went. Here are some pictures for ya!

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the beautiful bride at her wedding, so here she is the day before!
Pops worked his magic while the ladies were at the bridal luncheon 

 Happy birthday to Mimi!
 Grandpa showing Landon how the remote works (or was it Landon showing Grandpa?)

 Handsome boys!
At the rehearsal dinner

Mimi and Pops with their grandsons
What a goober

Dominic wins the award for "messiest kid" all weekend
At the wedding reception
It really is neat to think how my sister and I have boys very close to the same age! It's almost like they're twins too ;)
Well this picture is a miracle...little boys don't like to sit for very long

Cousin Joey with a very sleepy William


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