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Friday, August 9, 2013

7 Quick Takes (vol.7)

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Some days I am slightly obsessed with crocheting. I took a break the last few days (because I was obsessed with a book), but here are some fun things I've made lately!
Don't make fun of the pig. I don't currently have a newborn model (but I will have 2 nieces/nephews/both in a few months! Yay!).
And this is seriously the easiest beanie hat to make ever. I may or may not have plans to make it in every color imaginable.
I told you.
The time has come again....time to go back to work. Sigh. Things won't be the same as last year since Logan has a different job now, so my schedule will change based on Logan's schedule. But I'm hoping I will only have to work once a week again (if that) because if I work on Logan's off-days we will hardly ever see each other (since he works weekends now). Not cool.
My ultrasound to check for fibroids is next week if you could say a prayer please :)
Landon is becoming more interested in books! Yay! I tried reading to him earlier this year and he wasn't too interested. Now he brings me a book to read! I have this cute video of him walking around "reading" a book and he was just babbling away. Love it.

I've talked about temperaments before because Logan and I are complete opposites. I'm borrowing The Temperament God Gave Your Kids (written by Art and Laraine Bennett) from a friend and am loving it! My mind was blown at first because I realized that not only am I married to an extrovert, my child is one too....so that is probably why I feel so tired all of the time. I need me some silence!

I've literally laughed out loud several times while reading because although it talks specifically about kids, the sanguine chapter describes Logan perfectly and the melancholic chapter describes me perfectly. Example:
..."sanguines tend to stop studying the moment they feel they have put in enough time, unlike the melancholic student, who will not stop until he has mastered the material." 
Ummmm yes. My mom is probably laughing right now because I never stopped studying when I was in nursing school. And when I read that sentence to Logan he totally agreed the sanguine part described him!

Next I'll be reading The Temperament God Gave Your Spouse. Thanks C! :)
I'm a pretty frugal gal when it comes to grocery shopping. But over the last couple years I have also been having sort of a conversion experience when it comes to the food we buy and eat. And wellllllll it makes me avoid the grocery store because I can't stand buying certain things because of certain ingredients but then I get depressed when I see the prices on the stuff I want to buy! Does anyone else have this problem?! Maybe I'm not making much sense...

Yesterday I went to the store (finally, because I avoided it for so long because I haaaaaate it), and it took me forever because I felt like I needed to read the ingredients on every.single.thing. Too much crap is put into our foods and it's like suddenly I'm aware of it and I can't stand the thought of putting that into our bodies (especially Landon)! But all of the natural and organic stuff is soooo much pricier and I sit there debating whether or not I should buy it because our grocery budget is only so much money. We checked out a local Farmer's Market awhile ago but was not impressed at the selection so now I'm on a mission to find a place to buy healthy food that won't break the bank. Please help me!
As crazy as fall can be, I'm pretty darn excited because it's football season! Yeahhhh. Go Saints! 
He's my fave!


  1. The grocery store can be a challenge. I think sometimes all you can do is be a good steward of your money and bless your food. If blessing food saved St Benedict from a cup of poison, maybe it will help out our food supply ;)

    I've just started crocheting. I like Granny Squares because it goes around and around so I can't increase or decrease accidentally like I always seem to do on a silly dishrag for goodness sake!

  2. I totally know what you mean about the crocheting! My first attempt at a blanket was pretty terrible because the edges were never straight. It does get better with practice, I have to say.

    Yes, bless your food! Love it! God does provide, after all! Thanks for commenting :)

  3. The infant hats/headbands are adorable!! By the time I have my own wee ones, I need to either a) learn how to make those, or b) buy some from you. They would be perfect for a newborn photography session!

    As for the food, be careful to believe everything you read. There is little to no research that says organic food contains higher nutritional content than conventional food products. I know you're a nurse and trust you will use your own brain and heart to make good decisions for your family.

  4. Thanks! Of course I will make you some for any future babies of yours, as a gift :)

    Buying organic isn't my biggest issue...I just try to buy organic when it comes to the "dirty dozen" of produce. I'm more worried about processed food with all the "extra" stuff they add. My mind was blown when I looked at a BBQ sauce bottle the other day and saw that high fructose corn syrup was the #1 ingredient! Yikes!


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