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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My reproductive system....again

This post will contain the words uterus, ovary, period, and fertile. Stop now if you're a dude. (Kidding. Kind of.)

My ultrasound was last week and....no fibroids! Whew! My uterus looked fine. My left ovary had a cyst but was going away and not a problem - it actually indicates that my left side is working. My right ovary, however, looked polycystic. Dr. H has said before that they could make a case for PCOS, but I didn't realize until now that just one of my ovaries has issues! Which is better than both.

My cycles are reallllly long compared to the average gal (when I do have cycles) so it kind of makes sense if only one of my ovaries is functioning.

Too much information? You know I'm an open book around here.

Dr. H ordered a couple lab tests - a fasting insulin level and DHEA level. The insulin test was to see if I'm a candidate for Metformin (as some women with PCOS are) and he wanted to check DHEA because of another patient he knew (I don't remember exactly what he said about it, sorry). But as it turns out, both test results were within normal limits. Yay.

And while we're on the topic....I stopped charting last month because I don't really care and I hate obsessing over it for nothing when I'm not sure exactly how I feel about getting pregnant anyway. It's slightly frustrating because if I had a normal pregnancy I'd be all like LET'S DO THIS. But alas, bedrest and endless contractions are not exactly fun. And while I know it's not necessarily going to be the same next time around, I can't help but dread the thought.

Despite me not charting, I knew that I was ovulating almost a month ago. It took over 50 days for it to happen but my little NFP knowledge told me hellooooo you're (finally) fertile! Then 2 weeks later rolled around and I knew it was certainly possible that I was pregnant. And I thought, well, maybe this will help me decide how I feel about being pregnant again!

My period came, and it's hard to describe exactly how I felt. I'm so used to being DEVASTATED, because it means I'm not pregnant. Well. This time I was neither devastated or relieved. It was kind of like, okay, that's that...moving on. I mean, if I had been pregnant, Logan and I would have been thrilled! Of course. But we're also totally fine with me not being pregnant. For now, at least.

Part of me feels like it's going to take awhile to get pregnant again, but I think that's partly because we always seem to have so much going on, and I can't imagine throwing another crazy pregnancy into the mix! But of course pregnancy would also be a good excuse to slim down my lists of commitments. ;)

I'm just trusting that whenever God thinks we're ready, it'll happen. Because He has shown me over and over again that His timing is just so much better than ours.


  1. ...Can i call you tomorrow afternoon?

  2. You sure can! :) Between 2 and 6pm should work


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