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Friday, August 23, 2013

Photo Friday: our 14-month old climber

Ahhh he can climb furniture now (yes, getting the remote was his motivation)

Landon was climbing on the table to get some of that jambalaya from Uncle Mike
Love these boys! Cousin love
These two are special. They really are.

I think Landon likes my babysitting gig. He has company (other than the dog)!
He has a new fascination with paper and pen. Maybe he's gonna write like his momma ;)
We had one day together as a family this week (now that I'm working on one of Logan's off days) so we went bowling! And I'm proud to say that we paid only $5 (instead of $30!) :) Thanks Groupon!
My handsome guys
That kid figured out how to screw the top back on. Smartypants.

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