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Monday, August 5, 2013

Wedding fun

Anybody notice I didn't publish a Photo Friday post? No? That's okay...I didn't either.

Kidding. I was in good ol' Kansas City for the weekend and didn't feel like blogging since there was too much going on! My cousin got married and although it was a crazy, stressful trip, I'm so glad we went. Here are some pictures for ya!

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of the beautiful bride at her wedding, so here she is the day before!
Pops worked his magic while the ladies were at the bridal luncheon 

 Happy birthday to Mimi!
 Grandpa showing Landon how the remote works (or was it Landon showing Grandpa?)

 Handsome boys!
At the rehearsal dinner

Mimi and Pops with their grandsons
What a goober

Dominic wins the award for "messiest kid" all weekend
At the wedding reception
It really is neat to think how my sister and I have boys very close to the same age! It's almost like they're twins too ;)
Well this picture is a miracle...little boys don't like to sit for very long

Cousin Joey with a very sleepy William

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