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Friday, September 13, 2013

7 Quick Takes (vol.9)

Linking up with Conversion Diary. I hope you're in the mood to read because I'm sharing a few articles this week!
But first, I just have to say that Landon slept SO WELL on our vacation, and it was such a lovely change after his nap strike last week. One morning, he was the last kid (out of 13!) to wake up! And he took 2 hour naps most days! I guess that's what happens when your days are full of fun and activity.

I was a little worried that he wouldn't keep up his good naps once we got home, but so far so good. This happened not too long ago...
Landon was just sitting in the kitchen looking like he could fall asleep sitting up (so funny, I tell ya), so Logan put his head on his chest and little man was out in an instant. Easy transfer to the crib and a happy dance by his momma. ;)
I really liked this blog post about love being a verb. Some days, marriage is just so stinkin' hard and I would love to run away to a quiet convent...but I do very much love Logan. We're only 4 years in, but I'm realizing that our relationship is sooo much better when we show each other that we love each other - Logan loves when I bake cookies or something and I love when he helps with the dishes or vacuums the house!
And then there's this post about being unmarried and childless. The author makes a good point that pestering people about their current situation does more harm than good. Here's a little excerpt:

"When you ask when I’m getting married, I don’t have an answer for you. When you hint at me having kids, it makes me jealous of new parents. When you prod about my lack of a stable career, I get frustrated. When you ask these questions, it doesn’t help me grow. It doesn’t help me feel content with where I am. It does more damage than you realize. Maybe you’re just trying to make conversation or small talk, or maybe you’re genuinely interested in my life. For that, I’m very appreciative. 
I would like to suggest one thing, though: instead of asking me what’s next, ask me what’s now. Ask me what God is teaching me, ask me what I’m struggling with, or what brings me joy. I am learning, I am growing, and I am happy. I would love to tell you all about it."
Man, if that isn't an eyeopener! I know how it is to be on the receiving end of some of that, unfortunately, but I don't always think about how things I say to other people might affect them.

Obviously, I'm married with kids (can't forget my Levi), but what I also took from this post is that we should try to be content with our current situation. So whether you're married, unmarried, with or without kids, job or no job, etc....we are all where we are meant to be! I wish I had a better grasp of that when we were trying to get pregnant for so long - but I guess it's better late than never. :)
While we're on the subject of contentment, go watch this video that Dove put together. Why are we [women] so hard on ourselves?!
Last week, I had a biopsy done at my dermatologist to remove an atypical nevus. He called me this week to let me know that it came back fine, but for whatever reason (I didn't pay close enough attention but will ask at my follow-up next month) I'm now at high risk for melanoma. Which means I need to get a skin check every 6 months. So yeah. That's really fun to find out when you're on a beach vacation. Kidding, of course. I'm not freaking out though, because I don't have cancer now and that's all that matters!

For the record, I am very much a sunscreen user and have not had any severe burns in my lifetime (that I recall). But my great-grandmother had melanoma (who I never met) and my cousin was diagnosed with it earlier this year.

So, get your skin checked every year! That's my public service announcement for the day.
One more blog post for you! Read this one about new moms not getting anything done. I love it, especially for us stay-at-home moms who tend to get grief about not working full-time!

"There is no greater task than the nothing you did yesterday, the nothing you are doing today, and the nothing you will do tomorrow. Caring for a baby is all about the immediate experience, yet the first two years are all about investment. It’s give, give, give, and give some more." 
Ain't that the truth?!
I may always devote one take during football season to my beloved New Orleans Saints. Because well, we're 1-0, baby!
I love this so much!

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